xantia pressure reg

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xantia pressure reg

Post by ukmobileman » 14 Jan 2002, 03:53

I was about to fit a new accumulator sphere to my 93 1900 td lx xantia when i noticed a leak on regulator, thought it was loose pipe.So i bought new pipe seals but on closer inspection the regulator seems to be leaking.My question is i can get a very good regulator (clean,dry and looks newer than age of car (a 93 1900 td vsx)) the price is cheap (scrapyard havent a clue what it is!) this vsx has an extra sphere (my td has 5 this has 6)on front crossmember i assume this is a antisink sphere, so is this regulator the same as my leaking one or are they different (they both look visually the same ) so do early (no antisink ) and later (with antisink) 1900 td share same regulator ?
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Post by jonT » 14 Jan 2002, 15:09

the centre sphere on the vsx is a component for the hydractive (silly button) suspension the andyspares catalouge only lists one, also there is no (as far as I can remember) difference in the hydraulic system listed in the haynes manual between the models re pressure cutin/out so they could well be identical, if you change them round and the car does not go off like a rocket I guess it its fine.