xm timing belt

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xm timing belt

Post by drkstuart » 16 Jan 2002, 04:08

i want to change the timing belts on a 2.5 turbo diesel myself.does anyone know the torque settings for the belt tensioners?the haynes manual isn't much help as it gives the settings as either 'n' or 's e e m' whatever they are.

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Post by Mickh » 27 Mar 2002, 20:11

I don't know about the diesel engine on the XM, but on the petrol 2.0 the Haynes manual says that a Citroen service tool is required to correctly tention the cam belt, but I have spoken to two Garages that have changed these belts on XM's and they say they just use the spring pressure on the tentioning wheel. I'm about to change the cam belt on my XM and will use this method. This is the same method as doing cam belts on the BX and 1.9 ZXTD which I have changed before.
Unless anybody knows different

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Post by JohnD » 28 Mar 2002, 00:57

Hi Derek - AFAIK the 2.5 layout is similar to my own 2.1TD. If so, the belt tension is taken care of by the automatic roller. The mechanics of fitting a replacement belt is very similar to my previous BX 1.7TD. with the exception of not being able to reach the flywheel hole with a 6mm rod because of the size of the starter motor. The problem was overcome by marking the crank with a white paint spot. The 'seem' measurement is the reading given on an electronic tensioning tool.