ZX remote locking problem

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ZX remote locking problem

Post by adrianeaton » 21 Jan 2002, 16:07

Like others down the forum, I've got a fault with the central locking on our Citroen, this time a ZX Furio!
The car will lock on the remote without difficulty, but when you try to unlock it the same way the doors don't open, although you can hear something that sounds like a motor trying its best to oblige!
The central locking works fine on the key, which makes me think that it's the central locking solenoid in the drivers door - anybody come across this and can confirm I'm barking up the right tree! Don't want to spend money unless I'm pretty sure I'm right...

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 25 Jan 2002, 04:13

The lock mechanism's are driven by electric motors, not solenoid's, if they will lock the motors must be ok, try closing the relay contacts on the locking control circuit board manualy (but only briefly), it's located at the side of the handbrake lever under the plastic trim, one relay fires the lock pulse and the other the open pulse, don't close them both together though, don't know what causes the system to toggle between open and closed, purely electronic I guess with no actual lock position sensing, it could be stuck on the lock pulse, or maybe there is some sort of position sensor that's not working though I doubt it.
Good luck
Oops, easy to make a pratt of yourself by not thinking enough about what you are saying.
Of course there is position sensing, how else could all doors be opened by the key from the drivers door.
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