Xantia 1.9TD Buying guide?

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Xantia 1.9TD Buying guide?

Post by alf » 28 Jan 2002, 05:58

There seems to be an awful lot of good gen flying around by some of you Citroen 'gurus'. How about putting your experiences down on this thread for the benefit of we, the great uneducated? I'll get the ball rolling:
Check all the electrics especially windows
sunroof etc. The windows especially have a tendency to stick.
Make sure there are no diesel smells coming in through the air blower.(I have experienced this on several XUD 1.9 diesel units-no garage has ever been able to sort it on any of them, the only reason I can think of is worn engines, despite the fact that none of them burnt oil at a noticeable rate).
Listen to the hydraulic pump at the front of the car to make sure its not clicking too frequently (see seperate thread).

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Post by mbunting » 30 Jan 2002, 00:54

How about checking that there is a spare wheel, and that the handle is in the boot to unwind it.
( Peugeots used to have a problem where the spare wheels were stolen in car parks - I wonder whether the Xantia has a similar issue - anyone shed any light on it ? )

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Post by allmond » 30 Jan 2002, 01:52

Yes, the method that was used with Pugs would work on Xantias. It's just that crooks seem to prefer Pugs!
Jamie Allmond

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 30 Jan 2002, 05:06

A 19TD engine in good order should start from cold by the 3rd or 4th compression stroke, with no accelerator applied and should settle instantly to a fast Idle with no missfiring.
Go to the rear and listen to the exhaust while someone revs the engine to 2000 rpm, you will hear the turbo spin up, you should hear a feint even whistle, if a distinct warbling sound is heard from the turbo then it's got something wrong with it, probably broken or burnt away vane's on the turbine.
p.s don't switch off a turbo engine straight after working it hard, this leaves the turbo to wind down without adequate lubrication.