xantia 1.9td lx 93 engine knacked?

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xantia 1.9td lx 93 engine knacked?

Post by ukmobileman » 03 Feb 2002, 06:04

my 93 1.9td lx has 168,000 miles on engine used about 1lt oil in 4,000 miles but runs ok, starts straight away, no missfire, settles quickly to smoooth idle but the cooling system seems to be over pressurized and heater is only ever luke warm unless i put on recycle option on heater controls where upon it become hot but not as good as any other heater in my other cars.
i have drained and flushed radiator
put new thermostat in and bled the cooling system inc bleed screw hidden on heater maxtrix pipe/join .
there is no oil in water or water in oil
with rad cap undone no blow back through tank or noticable smell of exhaust fumes
but uses about a pint of water aweek
the rad cap i am about to replace as this may be the cause as i can hear it leaking for a few seconds after engine shut down.
my guess is head gasket is very possibly leaking slightly, no visable external water stain -internal maybe or possibly waterpump is knacked.But again no leaks/noise anybody have any other ideas?
i have done 4,000 in last 8 weeks it will cruise happily at 90 for mile after mile on motorway (road test honest! officer!)
i think heater maxtrix is blocked or has been radwelded! as the pipes in and out of it dont seem as hot a rest of radiator hoses
the top and bottom rad hoses are soft squashable when cold but hot have same feel as a shaken 2lt bottle of coke (only way i can discribe) if anybody has any ideas let me know
only owned car for 8weeks dont know history.
in that time i have had top alternator bracket snap and bottom bolt fall out ! so no h/p pump belt drive hence no brakes /steering /suspension! limped it 4 miles home
pressure regulator leaked and accumulator sphere where u/s when bought (replace with good secondhand reg and new sphere)
battery u/s -new big one!
r/h drive shaft intermediate bearing was minus all ball bearings - replaced but now i have tightened up wheeling bearing to correct settings it whines!
oh the radio i had to get code for £5 from cit that works ok!
door locks (barrels swapped drivers and passengers over as drivers worn )
oh yes also that small little stone chip in screen is know a dirty great big crack!
oh well cits you either love em or hate em
i am still out on this one but 11yrs of being a mechanic has taught me (or not) check OUT the car fully before you BUY it!
but at £590 for a taxed and mot xantia i cant complain !

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Post by paul davies » 04 Feb 2002, 21:08

Hi, Your problem with only getting a little warm air from your heating system is that your heater matrix is knackered. I had the same problem with my tdsx and ended up changing the matrix myself. Its a poor design fault on the xantia, because instead of being horizontal the matrix is vertical and get full of crud over the years... Get yourself a haynes manual and do it yourself. It took me a full saturday to do the job and got the matrix from andyspares valeo unit. you will need to get a pair of o rings from citroen for the seals. I was quoted £350 to do the job at a Citroen garage the cost for me to do it was £40 BIG difference. Tip go into the job with an open mind and dont be scared, it isnt a hard job, just one of taking the dashboard out....easy really....GOOD LUCK