TZD Cylinder Head & Gasket

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TZD Cylinder Head & Gasket

Post by Machra » 03 Feb 2002, 16:43

I have come to the conclusion that I need a new cyl head gasket. Cold rad, bubbles in coolant. I have done one on my old 1.9 TGD.
Questions are:
Can I remove head and turbo as one unit or do I have to remove turbo first.
Can I use same hed bolts or are they stretch ones. (Use once only)
Haynes mention measuring piston protrusion for thicknes of gasket to be used. Is it OK to use same thickness as the one I am removing.

David Goddard
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Post by David Goddard » 06 Feb 2002, 05:29

I've found that providing the bolts are in good condition, haven't been used before and within the length tolerance (see Haynes)they can be re-used. The angular torque doesn't "feel" too excessive for the bolt diameter.
Unless the head needs skimming, the standard gasket thickness should be reused.
Don't know about the turbo.