BX TZD Tyres

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BX TZD Tyres

Post by Machra » 04 Feb 2002, 21:59

My BX TZD is on 165/70x14 tyres. Apaart from being hard to find they are a lot more expensive. Does anyone fit any other size to their BX ie 175/20x14? as these are always advertised in the sales.

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Post by nick » 05 Feb 2002, 00:44

It seems quite common for the BX to be fitted with 175/70x14 tyres instead of 165's. Two of the BX's Ive owned in the past had been fitted with 175s by previous owners, and it didnt seem to make any obvious difference to the handling etc.
Make sure you change them in axle pairs though, one of my cars had a 165 on one side & a 175 on the other. I hadnt noticed, but the MOT tester did !