xantia rear height corrector

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xantia rear height corrector

Post by ukmobileman » 12 Feb 2002, 05:18

i have just fitted a new rear height corrector to my 93 td lx, because i thought it would cure the back going too high upon start up -!WRONG! (guess i have a good secondhand for sale!!)
selecting settings by lever everything is fine i.e high low etc all work just when i start car the rear goes up to high (not the wheel change solid one- the one down from that)instead of the normal ride setting -why? the back goes up 1st, then front, i have to move lever to full down, then let back settle i then move back to normal and all ok
accumulator sphere is new citroen
regulator very good s/hand (original leaking when i bought car)
new rear height corrector cit again
lhm drained tank and filter cleaned and filled with hydraflush and brakes bleed till clean hydra came out
all this down over 3 weekends, not in one go! as too try to eliminate cause of back being too high
the rear spheres seem a lot harder almost too hard now, but still have spring action they are not solid as in wheel changeing setting
the fronts as they where before soft and sringy i can push car down and it comes back up if i let go but........ i can hold car down and it does not push back up! unless i have got fed up waiting (takes about 15 seconds to level -i read somewhere?)i have done slow count to 20 and have to let go....takes a lot of effort to hold it down
with the hydraflush in car rides/handles a lot firmer than before but not hard it does have suspension (infact i say it does not wallow anymore) - also it use to sink completely to ground in 1/2 hour after engine stopped and parked up - now it does not sink down to ground only to top rear tyre/to wheel arch- overnight
it is the 4 suspension spheres and 1 accumlator sphere model
it does not have an antisink sphere !!!
any suggestions?
it takes around 30secs max to rise to height
and the waring lights for lhm go out instantly
drops about 1 inch at back at traffic lights when brake pedal pressed
goes back up instantly when brakes released
any ideas
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Grant Withington
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Post by Grant Withington » 28 Feb 2002, 23:49

You may have to alter the height of the rear height corrector, which is not as hard as you may think, if you have access to a 4 poster ramp.
Put the car on the ramp, while it is running, lower and raise car a few times to settle suspension,put into normal position. Raise the ramp (after chocking wheels). Locate the rear height corrector, and you will see the plastic link arm goes from the height corrector to the anti roll bar, and is attatched by a clamp. This clamp can be loosened at the bolt slightly, and gently tapped with a hammer to alter the ride height. You may knock it the wrong way first (as I did) but by experimenting you should be able to get the ride height close to what it should be. The Haynes manual does tell you how to check the height, but I have experimented with my estate slightly higher and lower than the haynes figure, with no detriment. Good Luck!!

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Post by jonnyboy » 09 Mar 2002, 11:35

When you fit a new h/c you must reset & adjust the ride height. a good guide is that the lower edge of the wheel arch should be between 13.5" & 14" from the centre of the hub, measured vertically. Do some cit aerobics between each adjustment, to expel any air in the system & let it settle before checking measurement.