ZX clunk

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ZX clunk

Post by jameshughes » 24 Feb 2002, 15:32

(ZX 2.0i volcane 8v)I have had a clunk over bumps coming from left hand front. I have changed track rod ends, left wishbone rear mount. Have had the car on jacks with a pry bar trying to find the noise whilst not moving. All suspension mounts bushes seem ok.
I can only get a clunk if pull upwards on the trackrod where it connects to the powersteering ram. About 3mm of play
(is this enough to hear the heavy noise I am hearing.
Track inner ball joint seems ok. is it the steering rack and is this servicable for a home mechanic (where can I get bushes for the inside of the rack).

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Post by Dave1 » 24 Feb 2002, 19:26

Hi James,
Have a look at my previous post, "suspension/steering problem". This may solve the problem and is a relatively easy and cheap fix. If it works let me know, if not and you find something else, post that as well since if you have the problem, no doubt others will as well. Zx's are great but they do seem to be prone to irritating little knocking noises.
Good luck