Xantia TD (Damper thing on fuel injector)

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Xantia TD (Damper thing on fuel injector)

Post by Robbie » 26 Feb 2002, 17:52

On the fuel injector on my Xantia 1.9TD there is a damper, like a small shock absorber, connected to the throttle cable and on mine it sticks a bit causing the revs to take along time to get back to idle, is there any reason why I can’t remove the damper altogether, only I’ve just phoned Citroen to be told a new one is 108 pounds. When I take it off the cable returns to idle fine it’s just the damper that’s sticking but I don’t want to find out after I’m buried in the back of another car that it wasn’t a good idea to remove it.


Post by Jon » 26 Feb 2002, 18:55

Removing it is not a good idea. I have also heard of some people replacing it with a spring.............!
We do the damper, Bosch as orginal for £52 + vat. Well its a saving.
I have this problem on my ZX TD, a temporary cure was to spray the whole damper unit and the flexible joints with WD40 then silicone. Its helped for a bit, but I'm going to replace it soon.
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Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 27 Feb 2002, 00:14

Save your money, take the damper off, forget about it, car function's perfectly without it, got shut of mine 70000 miles ago.

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Post by civvie » 27 Feb 2002, 00:52

I also agree with Dave's comments,I removed mine ages ago.
Think you actually have more control without it

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Post by NiSk » 27 Feb 2002, 17:21

My XM TD12 ('93) has a similar device on it's Bosch fuel injector. Since the cars' done 450 000km, the damper is completely wacked (just like an old shock absorber)and all it contributes is an increase in the noise level (it vibrates at tickover). So far I've just been too lazy to remove it, but since it gets in the way when releasing the hydropump swivel bolt, it will probably disappear next weekend!