XM depressurise system

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XM depressurise system

Post by jimbo » 28 Feb 2002, 18:26

Can anybody tell me the correct procedure for releasing the pressure in the system before working on it. Also can anyone sell me a genuine citroen manual for the 2.0 Si
petrol model any help appreciated.

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Post by NiSk » 01 Mar 2002, 15:20

Put the vehicle at service height (height control at lowest level). On the front of the gearbox, just around where it meets the engine, there's a lump of metal supporting an hydraulic sphere (the accumulator sphere). Underneath this lump there is a screw with a 12 mm hex head. This is the hydraulic pressure release screw. Turn it MAX 1 complete turn anticlockwise to release pressure. What ever you do, DON'T undo it, it harbours a strong coil spring and a small ball bearing which is guaranteed to dissapear in the muck on the floor/ground!
The pressure relief screw can be a bitch to get at, I use a suitably shortened tube spanner. On the diesel (which I have) it's almost impossible to identify it from above and of course, if you loosen it from below, you must be able to tighten it again afterwards!
So there are a few things to think about before you start! ( a car lift of inspection pit is a great help).