Xantia - hot ignition key

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Xantia - hot ignition key

Post by JohnW » 18 Mar 2002, 18:52

I wondered whether anyone has had a concern or (worse) a problem with a hot ignition key. Mine sometimes is warm to hot to the touch after a 20 minute drive (my commute time) with the A/C switched on.
This may be a characteristic or a problem about to happen - if anyone knows, I'd be grateful to know....

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Post by NiSk » 18 Mar 2002, 21:45

I had a similar problem with a BX . . shortly before the ignition lock failed completely due to a poor contact in the switch block (which is attached to the rear of the lock tumbler).
I don't think the ignition lock was designed to get hot, so I would suspect that you are on the verge of the same type of problem!