1956 2CV (slough built)for sale.......

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1956 2CV (slough built)for sale.......

Post by bohboys » 21 Mar 2002, 11:11

Possible owners will need to go through character
check before I can sell the baby to them!!!
Boris is a slough built 2CV that has low mileage and has had extensive work done by David Gries....(of Melbourne)
He is also the cars protector/godfather so you must love, protect and honour Boris at all times..
I am only driving her once a year and whilst Boris is garaged now I may lose that space shortly...you may see Boris on the cover of the ccov's web page or email me for more photo's...
Asking price is $8,500 Aust..$3,500 pounds
of course car is in Melb,Australia
Andrew Murray