More Rear Suspension Woes

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Phil Austin
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More Rear Suspension Woes

Post by Phil Austin » 24 Mar 2002, 14:53

Hello All. Ive searched through the files here but cant find a specific mention of the following problem I have. I know the central sphere needs replacing, but would it cause this problem?
1994 Xantia 1.9TD 120000 miles.
The rear suspension only rises about 2 inches on engine start up resulting in bottoming out over bumps.
If I load weight into the boot, the suspension dips as you would expect and then the system compensates and brings the car back to its previous level.
If I remove the weight, the rear rises, as you would expect and then settles back again.
The suspension will travel full distance from low to high when the central lever is moved.
There was a creaking noise from the rear when doing acrobatics, but since soaking the rear hieght corrector in WD40 this has now gone. No effect on hieght was recorded.
The white clip to the bracket bolted to the antiroll bar is intact.
The arm coming off the bracket on the antiroll bar is 'cranked', is this correct?
The link from the central adjustment lever only locates on the front arm of the spring on the hieght corrector, is this correct?
Is this simply a matter of adjusting the static suspension height,and if so,what would make it go out of adjustment?
How is static hieght adjustment achieved?
Im supposed to be towing my caravan this Thursday, so your assistance would be appreciated.

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Post by JohnD » 24 Mar 2002, 15:51

Hi Phil - If the accumulator sphere needs changing, change it before worrying about any other mal-function. If clicking from the pump is heard every few seconds, the sphere isn't holding the pressure.

Phil Austin
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Post by Phil Austin » 24 Mar 2002, 23:43

A valid point, JohnD, and a method I use every day in my professional life ordinarily. However, as I understand the operation of the Xantia hyhraulics system, this fault is not neccessarily a pressure problem. If it were, the system would not be able to raise the rear to its full hieght when asked to by the central lever.
The central front sphere will be changed soon but I suspect it willnot solve this problem.
Any other offers please?

alan s
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Post by alan s » 25 Mar 2002, 04:01

Sounds as though the lever may be bent or slipping somewhere.
Suggest you go to the "common problems & fixes" section of this forum & you'll find a posting on fitting grease nipples that I submitted a while back. Go to it & click on the link with the photos & scroll right to the bottom & you'll see one of a height corrector & all it's couplings & linkages. This is off a BX 16V but I think you'll find they are similar.
Adjust the height but remember this MUST be done over a pit or it will drop & squash you. In the process look for loose or distorted parts in the external mechanism.
Alan S