Cit heater matrix - health warning?

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Cit heater matrix - health warning?

Post by neilminto » 26 Apr 2002, 01:39

I found this on the 'Honest John' bulletin board. May be of interest - don't know whether its accurate?
"I had a bulletin from Valeo, who make the heater matrix's for 106, 205, 306, 406, ZX, Zsara & Xantia, warning of premature failures. They claim it is due to corrosion and debris resting in the matrix (not their poor manufacturing) and stress the need for thorough flushing with Forte flush, then refilling with top quality anti-freeze and Forte cooling system conditioner.
This is a big job requiring dash removal and a/c regassing. So you have been warned!"

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Post by Jon » 26 Apr 2002, 16:10

Um, well its kind of correct, yes. I have heard of premature failings on ZX/306 matrixes, also Xantia, but worse of all the XM ones.
I have spoken to Valeo Tech about this many times in the past. They say that when the new matrix is fitted, the cooling system must be completely drained, and refilled with the correct mix of genuine Citroen or Peugeot Antigel (our ref N98070). They also strongly recommend using distilled or spring water instead of ordinary tap water, especially if you are in a "hard water area".
I've had discussions about these matrixes on other forums in the past. One guy recommended earthing the XM matrix as he was convinced that failure was caused by electrolysis.
On a few ZX's and 306's, I've noticed that when a new matrix fails within a short period of time, its either because the (very thin)metal is damaged during fitting, or when the car has head gasket problems causing excessive pressurisation of the cooling system.
Matrix on my last ZX TD was still the original and going strong at 148,000 miles, and that car had only ever been run using Citroen antigel changed annually from new.
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Post by Morten » 30 Apr 2002, 04:13

I have a 94 Xantia 2.0i 8V aut. with 160000 km on the meter. I have to replace the heater matrix. It's been on service at Citroen and the antigel has been changed there as recommended in the manual. Still it fails... Buildt quality ? Estimated time to replace it, is 8 hours :-( and yes I have A/C as well. I'm leaving the job to the Citroen garage.

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Post by muhsin » 19 Aug 2002, 06:37

Coolant started leaking into the front passenger compartment on my '92 ZX two weeks ago. A local garage told me it was probably the matrix, which would cost £50 plus £300 labour. They also said the whole front fascia and panels have to be removed to get at it. I really don't want to spend all that money, 'cos I also have problems with the drive shafts and possibly clutch housing (see my other post 'drive shaft noises'). I tried using both Radweld and Bars pellets. Both work intermittently, but the problem keeps coming back.
I was planning to sell it before these problems started! I'd like to be able to fix them both if I can. In the meantime, anyone want to buy an otherwise excellent ZX 1.4 for £600 or less?
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