Visa GTI Gear Ratio

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Visa GTI Gear Ratio

Post by Smartshark » 30 Apr 2002, 18:46

I am presently putting a 1.9 GTI engine in my 1986 Visa GTI.
However before I put the 1.9 gearbox in I want to make sure I will not be upsetting the gearing greatly.
The GTI has 13 inch wheels, The 1.9 GTI has 15in wheels both with different tyre sizes.
People put the Pug 1.6 GTI gearbox in the 1.9 to give it better acceleration so we should be OK as I assume the Visa GTI has the Pug 1.6 final gear ratio.
Can anyone point me in the direction of some info on the Visa gear ratio and final drive ratio or
even better does anyone know them.
Slightly higher gearing would be Ok but we do not want to go any lower than a standard Visa GTI

x 48

Post by Jon » 30 Apr 2002, 20:08

What you need to do is find a friendly Citroen Dealer or specialist with the 1987 version of their Workshop booklet called "Characteristics, Adjustments and Checks". Section 4, Clucth, Gearbox and driveshafts gives the final drive and gear ratio's. I think that the 1987 book was the last one with Visa GTi listed. The earliest one I have is the 1990 edition, I have looked in there for BX 1.9 GTi final drive (same engine as 205 1.9 GTi) and that is 17 x 61. In comparison, to give a rough guide the BX16 ratio is 16 x 67.
Sorry I can't be more helpful without the booklet I mention above.<b></b>
Jon Wood
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