Anyone had hot LHM ?

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Anyone had hot LHM ?

Post by mbunting » 01 May 2002, 19:11

Not to drink.. <img src=icon_smile_tongue.gif border=0 align=middle> I have a problem with a leaking pump at the moment, having to top lhm up about 1l / week.
The other day ( a mild early morning ), I topped it up. When I took the cap off the top ( Xantia SX ), there was steam actually coming from the reservoir !
You may recall my earler post ( too much lhm ? ) about lots of bubbling over lhm when filling up, it would seem that the two are related.
I'm going to try and tackle the pump leak this weekend, I have some gasget sealant stuff which I'm going to try, before shelling out on a recon pump.
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Post by Jon » 01 May 2002, 21:52

Mat, never ever heard of this. Never heard of steam coming off LHM.
Alan, Dave ? Any ideas? I'm lost!!
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Post by alan s » 02 May 2002, 04:02

[quote/] "You may recall my earler post ( too much lhm ? ) about lots of bubbling over lhm when filling up, it would seem that the two are related." (page 3 dated 22nd March 2002)
STEAM??? You don't mean mist by any chance?
On the previous posting mention was made about the fluid coming back like a geyser in which case I would suggest we could be talking an LHM mist as opposed to steam. It is apparently not impossible to get the LHM hot, but the only recorded time to my knowledge was many years ago when active suspensions were in their infancy and one fitted to a Cit in a rally became red hot after driving at insane speeds over very rough terrain.
Did the LHM tank feel excessively hot? I mean REAL hot because it would have to be around or above 60 degrees or so celcius for steam to be created (about hot water system temperature.)
The only place within the system that could create an amount of friction capable of reaching those sorts of temperatures would have to be the pump in which case you've got more problems than you think. If this is the culprit, that pump would have to be seizing or may have already seized and assuming the shaft has bushes or bearings on its main shaft, that they could even be turning in their housings. LHM has slight lubricating qualities which are not efficient enough to act as a primary lubricant as in the case of the main shaft bearings and the like and as you have had this ongoing leak from the pump, I would probably now suspect this as your main problem creating these weird symptoms. <img src=icon_smile_sad.gif border=0 align=middle>
I'd suggest another pump as a matter of urgency before this old girl leaves you sitting on the side of the road late on a cold wet night waiting for a recovery truck
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Post by lara » 07 May 2002, 04:14

My friends Bx 1.4 had hot fluid although I don't know about boiling, his pump and pressure regulater had to be replaced and that solved it. No more hot fluid.
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