overheating Bx again

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overheating Bx again

Post by lara » 04 May 2002, 17:32

My Bx 1.7 turbo diesel 1989 was overheating, my garage replaced the head gasket ( cooling system was pressurising), skimmed the head but is still overheating.
Are the head bolts always supposed to be replaced when head gasket is replaced? Could this be the problem?
Any other suggestions, my garage is baffled?
lara stowers

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Post by JohnD » 04 May 2002, 20:33

Hi Lara - Yes! the head bolts should be changed because they are 'stretch bolts'. Those fitted to earlier engines had straight shanks, but those used after 1986 have a spiral groove along their length. Also depending upon the date, they have different tightening sequences. Tightening sequence for your particular date would be Stage 1 to 22lbsft, stage 2 to 52 lbsft and the final stage by angle tightening to 120degrees. Failure to carry out the correct procedure will lead to leakage.