Searching questions on Anti-sink on Zantias

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Searching questions on Anti-sink on Zantias

Post by RKE » 13 May 2002, 17:22

I have read somewhere that later Zantias have a valve fitted that prevents the vehicle, especially the rear, from sinking when the vehicle is parked. Also when this system is fitted, the vehicle must be depressurised when the pump is running.
Can anyone tell me from what model years was this system fitted?
Is the valve a seperate part and where is it located on the vehicle or is it integrated into an existing component such as the brake dossier valve, height corrector or security valve?
Do all Zantias have a center sphere at the rear or the car?
What is the purpose of this sphere
Is this sphere only fitted on latter models with the anti-sink feature?
I am investigating on the possibility of implementing this feature on several BXs.

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Post by JohnD » 14 May 2002, 00:04

The centre sphere on the rear is part of the anti-sink design. As far as I know they date from 1997 models.

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Post by allmond » 14 May 2002, 00:27

Have a look at this site . Someone recommended this to me in the past, and it's a really useful source of technical info.

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Post by Dave Burns » 14 May 2002, 01:03

Anti sink came along as early as mid 93, the first model year, which is why you will see some L reg (93) cars drop to the deck while other's like the 94L that I had stayed up.
The anti sink sphere is about in the centre of the rear subframe next to the height corrector.
Models with hydractive suspension and also the activa will have even more spheres at the rear.