Xantia rear arm bearings

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Xantia rear arm bearings

Post by Gavin1 » 06 Jun 2002, 22:42

My Xantia is starting to wear one of it's rear tyres on the inside, I'm presuming this is the bearings having failed (I've owned three Bx's and changed the bearings on all three). The haynes manual only gives details on the arm removal - is it possible to replace the bearings and if so is it a similar procedure to that of changing the bearings on a bx?

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Post by JohnD » 06 Jun 2002, 23:43

Hi Gavin - As others have remarked on this, and other forums - Haynes aren't what they used to be. I've also noticed the lack of instruction on replacing rear arm bearings. I haven't needed to do the job (yet) on my Xantia but it looks a similar job to the BX. I understand that after 1995 on some models only, a shim was inserted to centre the arm in its mounting. You would need to look out for it when the arm is removed.