xm auto 2 manual

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xm auto 2 manual

Post by marski » 08 Jun 2002, 14:34

i have an xm 2.1 td auto. the gearbox has been rebuilt and repaired 3 times in a year including a new torque converter and now its slipping with intermittent drive again.i have had enough and am thinking of changing to a manual box from a petrol xm. has anyone done this who knows of any problems regarding driveshaft length and interchangeability etc? does anyone have experience of repeated failure with the 2.1 autobox or know any answers? your help and ideas will be welcome.

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Post by RASCAM » 12 Jun 2002, 13:22

Hello Marski,
I believe the auto box fitted to the 2.1 is a 4HP-18 which is also fitted to the 3 ltr of which I have two. Funily enough both have failed.
The 4HP-18 box from ZF is the most heavily modified box they've ever produced and it states in their official repair manual that if the box has done more than 30k miles replace all the friction and steel plates. Add the costs of these to the consumables (oils, seals, gaskets etc) and your approaching £400, and this is assuming there is no other damage. In saying this ZF are really helpful and most parts are available of the shelf and the others take just a few days. In fact I didn't replace everything as the parts manual gave all the thicknesses of the plates so I compared old with new.
I'd never looked in any gearbox before but with the help of the repair manual, which is excellant, I've had a go and succesfully got the XM I want to use going again. honnestly the only difficult part was getting the lump out of the car.
I,m supprised that someone has looked in there three times and not found the fault. I would be interested to know more more on what the fault / faults are and whether they've changed after each inspection or what.
Being an auto man, I've never considered trying to convert as I'm sure it must be easier to repair the box. I'm just amazed that they're so crap. They were also fitted to a Saab model with similar success. I also run a '73 XJ12, '66 Austin Westminster 3ltr and two CX 2.5 autos and you don't get into these and wonder if you're going get there let alone get home. Still I perservere with it because basically it's an excellant car in tip top condition and I bought it all working for £100.

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Post by eaudevie » 17 Jun 2002, 13:49

Hi Rascam
I have read your reply with interest and wondered if you could give me the address to obtain the service manual for the gear box and an address for the parts.