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BX 17 RD

Post by Rainer » 11 Jun 2002, 04:57

HI Cit Fan's!
At first I'll send very nice wishes to you from the other side of the earth ;-)
Last weekend my girlfrend said that she must driven for 4 good tires mountet on "some" old cars they wos waiting for disposal...
And then I say, okay, fine, lets get the tires, but THEN i saw this lovely 2 Citroen BX (BX 17 RD und BX 19 TRZ)from 1985 and my heart began to knock for this "ugly" cars ;-)
And it came as is should, now we have 2 "new" citroen's in our garage. The BX 19 is only a spender for the BX 17 while the don't have any papers more for it.
The last week was very "hard" for my, since I've got this BX I'm "in love" to this car. *smile* ("normaly" I've a Daihatsu Sirion)
The last owner told me that the BX 17 (that i want to repair) became hot in case of losing water.
And now I am an the point that i changed the glow plug while he starts very hard, but if he startet he run's very good and he also re-start VERY good (only a little bit knocking from the valves but this is easy to correct and okay for that milage (179.000KMS))
A frend told me that the reason for this very bad starting procedere is a relay that let the glow plugs to short glow. If anyone know where these relay are locatet (if exist)

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Post by Jon » 11 Jun 2002, 19:55

Hi Rainer.
First of all your problem with the glow plugs and the relay. The best way to check if the timer relay is working is to connect a 12 volt test lamp, one side to earth and the other to the 8mm nut on top of one of the glow plugs. Then get someone to turn on the ignition. The test lamp should light for about 10 seconds then go out if the relay is working correctly. If you think that the relay is at fault you will find it in front of the battery, bolted to the inner wing.
As regards your cooling problem, this could be many things. The radiator may be blocked, there may be an airlock in the cooling system, or the cylinder head gasket may have failed. I think that your best plan is to replace the radiator first, fill up the coolant then bleed the system, and see if this helps.
Good luck.
Jon Wood
IT Supervisor
GSF t/as Andyspares
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