instrument panel

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instrument panel

Post by stevenlizuk » 14 Jun 2002, 06:20

hi all
can anyone give me some advice?
is it possible to remove the instrument panel from a 97 xantia without removing the steering wheel? my haynes manual says that you have to. is this true?
all i want to do is replace the a.b.s. warning lamp that some previous owner has pulled out to disguise the faulty a.b.s..
any help appreciated.
steve kerr

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Post by lozian » 23 Jun 2002, 01:59

I cannot see anyway round this. I have changed a few dashboard bulbs and always have had to take the steering wheel off. There is just not enough room for the instrument cluster to get out without removing the wheel. Not a big deal unless you have an air-bag, then you have to take some simple precautions. Hope this helps.

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Post by iancook2000 » 30 Jun 2002, 18:53

It's definitely possible to remove a Xantia instrument panel without removing the steering wheel - I've seen it done on a 99 model with airbag.
Ian Cook