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Xantia Electrics

Post by hardmanm » 14 Jun 2002, 16:01

Dear all,
The intermittent wipe on my 97 Xantia only works occasionally - when it's not working nothing happens at all on intermittent setting and the wipers do not come on automatically when the wash/wipe is used.
Can anyone please give me a hint? I suspect there is some kind of timer/relay unit for the intermittent wipe which is on the blink.

Aubrey Smith
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Post by Aubrey Smith » 26 Jun 2002, 18:12

I had the same problem has you on my 94 Xantia. I had a look at the relay (blue relay) at the back of the fuse box.All i did removed the relay cleaned relay put it back working fine now.

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Post by jonnyboy » 30 Jun 2002, 05:59

Same here.
Quick clean up of terminals & all hunky dory again