zx 16v bhp

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zx 16v bhp

Post by jonny » 17 Jun 2002, 05:27

hello i have just fitted a 1.9 16v engine into my zx volcano and believe me when i say that this thing flys...can anyone tell me what the bhp output on this engine is and please dont try to compair this twith a Mi16 coz they wont stop with this all the way though the rev range any help would be greatfull as i got to try to get this thing to 200bhp+

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Post by Jon » 17 Jun 2002, 20:40

Um, if the 1.9 16v engine was out of a BX 16v (pre cat) then they developed 160bhp.
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Post by adrianeaton » 21 Jun 2002, 19:36

As Jon says, they're 160BHP in standard form. Later cars (assuming BX16V doner) produce a little less due to different ECU.
The only way to get 200BHP without forced induction is to fit throttle bodies and some head work (cams and very slightly larger valves). You'll also need to consider strengthening the bottom end if you rev it hard. Cost is excrutiating (about £2k in bits for throttle body conversion).