Xantia door locks.

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Xantia door locks.

Post by Mikonood » 20 Jun 2002, 02:00

My 1996 Activa central locking has started misbehaving, when the central locking button is pressed on the fob the locks set and unset about 10 times before giving up and staying unlocked. The alarm doesn't set so the car is basically unprotected. I have found that if I lean on the front passenger door and manually lock the car very slowly 50% of the time it stays locked although the alarm doesn't set!!? Any sugeestions or do I just need to change the passenger door lock?

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Post by NiSk » 20 Jun 2002, 16:35

Alarm systems are very sensitive to earthing faults - just one slightly corroded connector will generate sufficient voltage drop to confuse the alarm system, so I would start by disconecting and cleaning up all the electrical connectors associated with the central locking system.
The next step after that, if it doesn't work, is to check the condition of the cables from the door to the main bodywork, these have a notourious habit of failing just were they bend - this gives you a potential error.
The third place to look after the first two, is the actual microswitches on the drivers door lock.
I know that this type of fault can almost make you want to sell the car, but with a bit of perseverance, you can fix it (and don't believe that other makes are any better!)
Best of luck,