Plastic Clip - Rear Hight Adjuster

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Plastic Clip - Rear Hight Adjuster

Post by Grant Withington » 20 Jun 2002, 16:20

Last August I bought a new rear height corrector from Andyspares (nextday delivery every time, well done lads!)The old one was seized up and kept causing the plastic clip to jump off the ball end on the corrector. I smeared copper slip into all the moving parts to ensure it remained free. I also put a new plastic link on.
During our annual pilgrimage to France, (3 kids, wife, roofbox, 5 bikes and kitchen sink), the back end sunk as we were going on to the ferry. Did the normal trick of setting the suspension to top height, and returning it to normal just as the rear end started to rise. At the first convienient spot I looked underneath and found the clip had come off the ball attatched to the bracket on the anti roll bar.The ball seems to have worn down.
Does any one know of an easy solution,to sourcing and fitting a new bracket, as the bracket appears to be slid onto the anti roll bar during manufacture. I have wired the clip to the bracket, and while not ideal, has lasted 10 months with no problems.
Thanks in advance