Help removing airbag/steering wheel

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Help removing airbag/steering wheel

Post by D.Slatford » 22 Jun 2002, 19:41

I'd like to remove the instrument panel of my xantia in order to do something about the rattling glass which is driving me round the bend, which obviously requires the steering wheel to be removed, which requires the airbag to be removed... which requires the two screws behind the wheel securing the airbag to be removed first, wherein lies my problem.
I don't know what screws these are, obviously I can't get my head round to see and nor do I have a mirror. Are they philips or torx screws or what, and what size? The stupid Haynes manual isn't giving anything away. Hoping I haven't burred them up whatever they are already...

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Post by n/a » 27 Sep 2002, 05:02

it is a torx aprox 5mm but i used a allen key 5mm when removeing steering wheel be very cearfull of the wireing loom feed it through the hole with extreeeem care do not yank the steering wheel off to replace the loom(switch) is £86.00 from dealer it also works the radio so remove plugs with care hope this helps

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Post by lozian » 27 Sep 2002, 11:19

If you are going to interfere with the airbag, follow this procedure exactly. VERY IMPORTANT - Deactivate the alarm, make sure you have the radio code, if needed, and disconnect the battery. Go and have a coffee. Leave the car for at least 10 to 15 Mins or longer if you want, but not less. Get a mirror to see what you are doing. If you can't get a mirror, don't start this job. Remove the airbag, by slackening the Torx screws (mine are size 27, one each side) underneath the airbag housing. Use the correct tool. The airbag will then lift out. Do not use any extreme force to remove. The orange plug at the back just pulls off. Put the airbag assembly in a safe place, (e.g. boot) so that if it activates, no one will be harmed. Remove steering wheel after slackening large nut in centre. Observe wiring position to steering radio controls for later re-assembly. You are now in a position to remove the instrument panel. Replace any blown bulbs and re-assemble in reverse order. Be very careful with the airbag assembly and do not subject it to any sudden shocks. Have fun.
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