AX GT injection question

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AX GT injection question

Post by Ken » 27 Jun 2002, 08:09

Hey guys
I have a minor but irritaing problem with a '90 AX GT that sports a Bosch Mono-Jetronic injection setup.
On cold days, when rolling up to the traffic lights and are just about to stop, you push the clutch in and the engine dies. It is easily restarted and idles perfectly afterwards, a real pain in the A.
Other than this this car runs perfectly. I've checked the plugs, done the timing, changed the fuel & air filters, replaced the timimg belt and checked the cold/warm air intake and checked the valve clearances among other things and all seems to be well, but the problem continues.
I'm rapidly running out of ideas.
There seems to be a lack of info. on the web regarding this fuel injection setup, not even Bosch have much to say, so I thought I would give this forum a try as there seems to be a good depth of knowledge here. These cars are VERY rare here in Australia and nobody seems to know much about them, not even the local Citroen agents/dealers (not that I would trust them with anything more sophisticated than a pop-up toaster anyway).
Are there any fault codes that can be accessed or is there any way to tweak the fuel mapping in the ECU?
Any help would be much appreciated.
South Australia

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Post by Galvo » 27 Jun 2002, 09:33

Hello Ken. I don't know whether or not this will help but your problem sounds similar to one i suffered with my '93 AXGT and more recently with my saxo VTS. My problem was solved with the replacement of the lambda oxygen sensor in both cases. If this is the case your citroen dealer should have the necessary equipment to check for fault codes in the ecu and then you'll know if this is what the problem is.

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Post by wilsonkrg » 25 Jul 2002, 18:20

We also have an AXGT in Queensland and have done some research on the monojetronic. You can read the codes using the diagnostic light and they appear to be the same as those for the BX on the BX Do it yourself site which has an excellent page on reading codes and troubleshooting fuel injection systems.
I had a similar stalling problem with my BX TRI 122 I think caused by higher than normal compression stopping the engine too quickly for the idle system to react in time. I have developed a technique of keeping the clutch engaged until the idle system starts to drive the car the pushing the clutch in. Using some cleaning products to lessen the amount of carbon in the combustion chamber has reduced this effect somewhat. So check your compression - mine was about 200 psi at one stage. If you want more help give me an email on as I only check this forum occasionally.