BX - Tool for cylinder head removal

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BX - Tool for cylinder head removal

Post by martinwiseman » 27 Jun 2002, 14:33

Could someone tell me what size Torx bit I need to undo the cylinder head bolts on a 1991 BX GTi.
Also - are they readily available or am I likely to have to specially order it?

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 28 Jun 2002, 02:35

Hi, T55 if I'm not mistaken, but you ought to have a full set anyway, they are available all over the shop, my advice would be to buy a set with 1/2" square drives so they can be used with a socket set.
I recently bought a Torx bit set by Sealey, had to send it back because it was pure crap, suggest you don't bother with them.
You may have a branch of http://www.cromwell-tools.co.uk near you, they do some good clobber, click on contacts for locations.

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Post by NiSk » 28 Jun 2002, 14:34

Draper sell well made tools for a very decent price - I've never had any trouble with any of their tools.