Radio interference for first 20 seconds

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Radio interference for first 20 seconds

Post by MW » 01 Jul 2002, 19:36

Anybody heard of this one? Whenever I turn on my Xantia's radio I get a lot of hissing for the first 20 seconds or so. Then it stops and everything's fine and lovely. It's a niggle, but if the answer's easy to find I'd like to do something about it.
I did have a problem last winter with the sunroof, which would sometimes tilt or even open up fully every time that I switched on the ignition. (Lovely on frosty mornings!) That one seemed to be caused by a dirty switch contact - although fortunately it sorted itself out after I used the sunroof a few times and waggled the switch about a lot, so I never really bothered to look into it in much detail. I wonder of the two things could by any chance be related, though?