Xantia lazy clutch

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Xantia lazy clutch

Post by mkelly1 » 03 Jul 2002, 18:33

Clutch on Xantia 2.0i 16v (1996) seems not to fully disengage when cold, making selection and deselection of lower gears very difficult. Effect seems to disappear when engine is warm (say 15 mins). Clutch adjustment and operation seem perfect at all other times. Maybe a sticky or stretching cable? Suggestions welcome!
Michael (Australia)

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Post by avatar » 03 Jul 2002, 21:05

Check the oil level in the gearbox top up if required or change if the oil is very dirty

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Post by JohnD » 03 Jul 2002, 23:21

Hi Michael - Have you checked that the clutch pedal travel is within 5mm+/- of 150mm?

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Post by Dave Burns » 04 Jul 2002, 00:42

If there was any problem with the cable it would be evident at all times, not just for 15 minutes or til it got warm.
Because there is no syncromesh on reverse this is the gear to use to test for clutch drag, from tickover press the clutch and wait a couple of seconds to allow the driven plate to stop (if it's going to), if it crunches when you engage reverse it is due to clutch drag.
If however reverse is selected with no crunching of gears, this indicate's that the driven plate has stopped, drag could not then be blamed for difficult engagement of forward gear's.
If the cable is correctly adjusted then the likely causes are, distortion of the diaphragm spring which may partially right itself with heat from the engine, usually accompanied by clutch judder aswell.
Reluctance of the driven plate to slide along the input shaft splines because it is dry or rusty, heat causing expansion and greater clearance.
Rust on the input shaft spigot causing the crankshaft to grab it untill it is hot, releasing it as it expand's.
Input shaft splines and spigot should be lubricated with a thin smear of molybdenum disulfide grease.