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Tie me kangaroo down sport...

Post by madpenguin » 10 Jul 2002, 01:25

Xantia suspension, oh what fun.....
Symptons are...very bouncy front end, front end roll when cornering.
Is it ok just to replace front spheres or do I need to do rear as well? Also, do I just change the ones on the shocks or are there more I need to worry about?
As you can tell, I know nothing about suspension.

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Post by JohnD » 10 Jul 2002, 02:08

No - it's quite alright to change the fronts and leave the rears till later. In fact, on my Xantia estate I had the front spheres recharged last year. They checked the rears, and finding them OK, told me to come back in about nine months. But having found that I could fit new for the same price as a recharge, have only recently replaced the rears. To do the front spheres, loosen them by a quarter of a turn. Drop the suspension and release the pressure by turning the pressure release screw on the regulator near the the accumulator. Don't remove the screw - only one turn. When the pressure has gone remove the spheres and replace them, putting a new rubber ring into the housing - not on the new sphere. To save making a mess, it's an idea to put a plastic bag over the sphere before removing. The little bit of LHM that runs out will be contained within the bag. All the best!

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Post by shaunthesheep » 16 Jul 2002, 14:59

you should only have to replae the front spheres only, leave the rear to later.