Xantia Suspension

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Xantia Suspension

Post by andy99 » 10 Jul 2002, 03:49

I have a 1.9TD xantia M reg. I have only just got it and the suspension is very soft! Its like being on one of those toys in kids playgrounds, the ones with animal bodies mounted on a big spring!!
When i brake hard the front bounces up and down. Ok maybe im exagerating a bit, but it does bounce! nothing like im used to, I had a ZX before. The sphere where changed last year, a citroen dealer has taken a look and says there is no problem, but I think something is not quite right. When cornering the car rolls quite a lot. However the ride is very smooth. I thought maybe the suspension was going up to far, but now reading the other articles, I think that would give a hard ride as the suspension becomes harder the further it is pumped up (am i wrong????).
Can anyone suggest anything, or point me in the right direction

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 11 Jul 2002, 01:45

You need to get the front sphere's off and look at the damper size stamped on them, it sound's like they are way to large.
The fill pressure is stamped on the out side of the sphere, usualy near the fill valve.