BX Rear Suspension Strutt-Leaks!!

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Alan Patterson
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BX Rear Suspension Strutt-Leaks!!

Post by Alan Patterson » 15 Jul 2002, 16:25

Can anyone advise on whether I need a new rear strut. I recently filled the car with Hydraflush, and soon afterwards started to get fluid coming from the "vent pipe" that comes out of the strutt gaiter and then "disapears" into the axle. I have a drip from the actual plastic pipe + fluid that is obviously finding its way into the axle area & falling out the end. Its not consistent but is noticably worse when the car is carrying heavy loads.
If indeed I do need a new strut, how easy a job is it?. The sphere should come off easily enough as they were new on last year, and I've removed the R-pin etc in the past to disconnect from swing arm. How easy is it to remove strutt unit once sphere & pin removed?
Any advice greatly received.
Cheers alan

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Post by NiSk » 19 Jul 2002, 21:33

Once you have removed the sphere, you ust (!?) need to unscrew the hydraulic pipe from the side of the cylinder. Since you have already removed the retaining pin, all you have to do is unload the suspension arm and pull the cylinder out. The usual problem with BX rear cylinders is that road salt and other grunge collects around the cylinder and eats its way through the aluminium, to such an extent that LHM fluid eventually finds its way through the pores of the casting.
Under the risk of irritating all GS and GSA owners, I can inform youi that the same cylinder is used on the front suspension of all GS and GSA's (and they don't get nearly as corroded). Spares at a breakers for GS /GSA are almost free!
Best of luck,