ax rear wheels

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ax rear wheels

Post by kirbson » 20 Jul 2002, 03:25

The rear wheels on our ax are cambering in at the top and when cornering the o/s tyre is scrubbing against the inner wheel arch could anyone tell me what parts i will need as someone has told my wife it will need the complete beam that goes across the car that the radius arms are attached to many thanks steve

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Post by Chrisk » 25 Jul 2002, 00:32

Don't know if this will help but I had a similar probem with my ZX.
One of the rear wheels had the same camber as you mention-although it wasnt touching the inner arch. The bearing in the axle was so far gone that apparently it had cut into the tube it is mounted in and was beyond repair. I ended up fitting a complete new rear axle assembly.
Hope this helps
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