Xantia Ventilation

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Xantia Ventilation

Post by simonhornby » 29 Jul 2002, 15:30

My Xantia 1.9D LX has and lousy ventilation and doesn't have a/c. To get air into the car I have to have the fan on minimum all the time or get blasted with turbulence with the windows open. It also seems to take an age to get warm air to my feet whilst it will happily roast the top half of the car. It's either a sweatbox or a fridge there doesn't appear to be a happy medium.
The temperature guage reaches and stays on normal from cold in a couple of minutes.
Does anyone know if there are any filters that need cleaning/replacing or is this just a characteristic of the car?
The vent hole in the centre console seems to be ok but are there any other bits of trunking in the footwell that could have come loose or be blocked.
By old BX was excellent ventilation it would be great to sort out the Xantia.
By the way I just had 4 new spheres fitted - what a difference!!! I took the garage about an hour an a half to do and I was back on the road - try getting Kwik Fit to change four conventional shockers in that time. Well worth the £176 inc VAT I paid. Ok it would have cost eight quid or so if I'd replaced them myself but I'm not brave enough to tackle diy on the suspensension quite yet!! - maybe next time.

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Post by hardmanm » 29 Jul 2002, 17:07

Is the problem a lack of airflow or is the air not being distributed properly?
If the airflow is poor from all the vents, trying checking the pollen filter is not clogged, if you have one - I know it's fitted to A/C cars but not sure about yours. It is located in the passenger footwell above the passengers feet, the haynes manual has reasonable instructions. It needs changing every 18000 miles or so.
If the airflow is only poor to your feet it could be a problem with the heater airflow control
I have a Xantia and all I can say is it should work OK!