ZX Diesel Hot Starting Problem

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ZX Diesel Hot Starting Problem

Post by Woody » 29 Jul 2002, 18:03

My ZX starts first turn from cold but is very difficult when warm. Checked all glowplugs and timer/relay. It will bump start quite easily but it idles very lumpily after a hot start. Could it be an air leak on fuel system?

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 30 Jul 2002, 03:07

If it were taking air in somewhere it would also be there when starting from cold, there wouldn't be any joy then either.
Only thing I can think of is a blocked fuel tank breather causing a vacuum to build up, listen for air being sucked in when the filler cap is removed.
If not that, unscrew the stop solenoid and take out the spring and plunger, you will have to stop it manualy with the lever on the pump.
If that cures the hot starting, new one required, if it don't, more thinking required.
Is it a TD or N/A.