GTI Turbo cutting out, more clues...?

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GTI Turbo cutting out, more clues...?

Post by Bilkob »

With the recent 'Killer Heatwave' (copyright Daily Mail) ive not used the CX for about 4 weeks. Black car, black leather, lots of glass, non functioning A/C..... :oops:
Anyhoo, I started it yesterday and not having run for that long, it fired up fine, but then cut and spluttered, then died and was generally jerky and on/off cutting in and out for a few minutes or until I'd given it a bit of welly!
Is this more evidence of fuel pump/filter issues ??
Again, all thoughts gladly appreciated

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Re: GTI Turbo cutting out, more clues...?

Post by wurlycorner »

As said before, this sounds nothing at all like fuel pump/filter issues.
'giving it some welly' makes no difference to the load on the pump. If the injectors aren't using the fuel/aren't using it at a great rate, the regulator just circulates it straight back to the tank.
Fuel flow from the pump will stay the same and the back pressure the pump sees sees shouldn't change either (rather than the rail venting into the engine via the injectors it would vent back to tank via the return line).

I've made various suggestions in previous posts but don't think I've seen that all have been checked and looked at? (apologies if you have made a response to each one and I've overlooked them).

If I hadn't been gazumped on the full CX era diagnostics kit, I'd have happily offered to conenct your car up to it and see what further info we can glean, but unfortunately, that wasn't to be and whoever did sweep in and nick it from under me, either isn't on the forum or hasn't braved putting their head above the parapet to say they have the tool and are prepared to help others.